Characteristics: The new generation bracket, with improved efficacy, makes treatment more pleasant for the user (patient and doctor) and much more profitable. In combination with the recently developed molar bracket, the result is a perfectly coordinated system that will allow you to save time. The Quick 2.0 Bracket System. Improvements include a new better shaped clip that can easily be opened and closed thanks to its increased resistance. In addition, the lower anterior brackets have been redesigned with a lower profile. New clip. The new clip has been reinforced to reduce possible deformation caused by frequent opening and closing. The new design slightly increases the clip's tension, improving rotation control and guaranteeing a safe and precise low level of friction between the archwire and the slot. New brackets for lower front teeth. The new bracket design for lower incisors has a very low profile and rounded edges. Patient comfort is significantly increased and irritation of the labial soft tissues disappears. The new Quick 2.0 molar bracket represents a very efficient treatment option. The new molar bracket ® offers significant advantages when changing archwires. The inconvenience of bending the archwires distal to the 1st and 2nd molar tubes becomes a thing of the past. The time used to cut and bend the distal end of the archwire in the patient's mouth is no longer necessary and this may be done outside the mouth. Design. The new molar bracket is compatible with the previous version of Quick bracket and is very easy to tie in. Open the clip, insert the archwire into the bracket slot and reclose the clip by pressing on the end of the clip. Easy. When working with conventional molar tubes, the NiTi archwires sometimes make cutting and bending the distal end difficult. With the new molar bracket, the archwire is measured on the model outside of the mouth (it is cut and bent on the model). Once prepared, the archwire only has to be inserted into the slot and the clips closed. This offers tremendous advantages, especially with the time gained compared with conventional tubes. Safer. By cutting the archwires outside of the mouth, the danger of the cut end of the archwire falling into the patient's pharynx disappears. Additionally, cutting extremely thin archwires (0.010 - 0.013") in the mouth can sometimes be very difficult. Versatile. In order to adapt to your needs, the new molar bracket is available in two versions: The standard version with the characteristic three-dimensional base of the Quick bracket and the "Big Foot" version, which consists of an oversized base that can easily be adapted to the molar.

Materia: Stainless Steel
Prescription: MBT .018
Kit or Refill: Case Kit
Characteristics: Self-Ligating / Low Friction
Familiy: Metal Brackets

I förpackningen: 1 Case of 20 brackets.
Artikelnummer: 621248
Tillverkarens artikelnummer: 706-0847

3 462 SEK
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