Specially designed for use with the EVA handpiece (Kavo EVA 61 LRG). For: _Opening interdental spaces (such as before placing orthodontic bands) _ Shaping and polishing enamel. The enamel surface is left with fewer grooves and less abrasion than in the case of the tungsten or diamond burrs used for the same purpose. 60 seconds of use with each of the Ortho-Strip dimensions is sufficient to achieve an optimal surface. RECOMMENDATIONS: 1.- Place the selected strip/file on the 0.8 mm length KAVO EVA 61 LRG head with simple pressure: The maximum recommended velocity is 10,000 to 20,000 RPM in blue counterangle. 2. - Place the desired position with the thread of the head rotated in position by 360º. 3. - Carefully guide the head and file towards the space in which you wish to work with a rocking movement in a buccal-lingual and surface direction; never force the file. 4. - Irrigate the file with sufficient water so that the diamond does not become obstructed or dulled. This allows the abrasiveness of the cut to be maintained. 5. - Care and cleaning of the file is undertaken as with any normal diamond instrument

Familiy: Stripping

I förpackningen: 1 strip.
Artikelnummer: 621406
Tillverkarens artikelnummer: IT95105
Varumärke: INTENSIV

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